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Dorrie Nossiter (attrib.). No details on the page. Dreweatt Neate sold an Arts and Crafts gem set silver coloured ring, attributed to Dorrie Nossiter, unmarked, the tapering head with wire scrolls and beadpoints (no photo), 24 June 2008, £260: pretty sure it's this one. A heart-shaped stone at the top. Sold by Dreweatt Neate.

Dorrie Nossiter. Arts and Crafts brooch. Silver and moonstone, c. 1930. H: 7.3 cm (2.87 in), W: 3.5 cm (1.38 in). Fitted case. Sold by Tadema Gallery.

Sibyl Dunlop (according to Bonhams but these look like Dorrie Nossiter to me). A multi-gem set cluster ring. Part of a ring and earclip set. (no more details on Bonhams page). View 2: the ring.

Dorrie Nossiter. Arts and Crafts ring. Gold, silver, opal, tourmaline, peridot, citrine and garnet, c. 1930. Diameter: 1.90 cm (0.75 in). Ring case. Sold by Tadema Gallery. View 2.

ARTIFICERS’ GUILD 1901-1942 Attrib. Arts & Crafts Brooch Gold, moonstone & sapphire Length: 2.2 cm Width: 2.7 cm (0.8 in x 1 in) English. Circa 1905

Joseph Hodel (attrib.). Arts and Crafts dolphin ring. Gold and opal Length: 0.7 cm Width: 2 cm (Length: 0.3 in) British, c. 1905. Sold by Tadema Gallery.

Edith Linnell. Arts and Crafts ring. Silver shaped openwork ring set with various gems and synthetic gems including star sapphire, emerald and synthetic ruby, with flowerhead detail. Part of a group of jewellery by Edith Linnell sold by Bonhams. View 2.