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Dorrie Nossiter (attrib.). No details on the page. Dreweatt Neate sold an Arts and Crafts gem set silver coloured ring, attributed to Dorrie Nossiter, unmarked, the tapering head with wire scrolls and beadpoints (no photo), 24 June 2008, £260: pretty sure it's this one. A heart-shaped stone at the top. Sold by Dreweatt Neate.

Dorrie Nossiter. Silver and moonstone pendant, the circular frame with cabochons, a leaf, tendrils and beads. Photograph courtesy of S. Middleton. This looks to be very similar to the pendant 'in the style of Dorrie Nossiter' sold by Dreweatt Neate but this example is lacking the drop below and divider above. I also have matching earrings S.M.

Dorrie Nossiter (in the manner of). An Arts and Crafts pendant, possibly adapted from a clip, set with chrysoprases and white paste. 7 cm long. Sold by Dreweatt Neate.