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Terry Richards (November 2, 1932 - June 14, 2014) a UK actor and stuntman, most famous for meeting a quick demise as an Arab Swordsman in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' has died at age 81. He also made appearances in 'The Princess Bride' and 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'. He performed stunt work on some of the James Bond films, plus numerous other popular action hits like 'The Dirty Dozen' and 'Where Eagles Dare'.

Virna Lisi (Jesi, Ancona, provincia de Marcas, Italia, 8 de noviembre de 1936 - Roma, 18 de diciembre de 2014)

Billie Whitelaw ( June 6, 1932 - December 21, 2014) has died at age 82. She was known for playing strong, self-determined characters to perfection. At the start of her career she appeared in some excellent UK films such as 'The Sleeping Tiger', 'Hell is a City' and 'Payroll'. She also lent her talents to the films 'Twisted Nerve', 'Leo the Last', 'Frenzy' and most notably as the deadly Mrs. Baylock in 1976's 'The Omen'. Later she appeared in 1990's 'The Krays' and 2000's 'The Quills'.

Judy Garland

Just watched The Wizard of Oz yesterday with my two girls. Love they were singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow all afternoon.

End Credits #25: Cinema's 2014 Lost Treasures

Legendary film director Mike Nichols (November 6, 1931 - November 19, 2014) has died at age 83. His exceptional talent was witnessed in television, on stage, as a film director, producer, writer, and as a comedian. He gave us such cinematic landmarks as Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Graduate, Catch-22, Carnal Knowledge, Silkwood, Working Girl, and The Birdcage.

Ben Johnson ~ An American motion picture actor who was mainly cast in Westerns. He was also a rodeo cowboy, stuntman, and rancher.