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Curiano Quotes Life - Quote, Love Quotes, Life Quotes, Live Life Quote, and Letting Go Quotes.

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. ~ Mark Twain

God is not calling us to go to church; He is calling us to be His church…

HATE It has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.

When you see someone struggling to be in the spotlight... just know that their driving force is desperation. They need love. <3 ... & yes, it IS ok to love them from a distance. :)

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19 Pure And Perfect Tumblr Posts About Female Friendships

This formula for guaranteed friendship: | 19 Pure And Perfect Tumblr Posts About Female Friendships

i need to stop repin this gemini things.., but not now..

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You're welcome.

They forgot steel lmao excuse you Steel: Ice, Rock, Fairy Also that's great and all, but steel types are a great defensive type with tons of resistances. Fire, Fighting, and ground are the only moves super effective against it. Also it's immune to poison so stall tactics with toxic ardent going to work. Spikes is the only entry hazard that's all that effective against it, and it's rarely used compared to the other two. Conclusion: get a steel type