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Learn how to become more confident as a model. If you're scared to get in front of the camera, watch..

Ideas for New Female Model Posing: If you are new to modeling, learning how to pose can be a challenge. These tips will help.

Promotional Modeling Tips - Get a heads up on how to get started as a promotional model. And why you should consider this area in your career.

What are the #runway #modeling measurements? See the meme and visit the site for other female model measurement requirements.

If you really want to succeed as a female #model you'll need to have a dream. Then, turn that dream into a goal and work on it every day.

Imperfect Female Models - Are All Models Perfect? Common knowledge says that all models are skinny girls and very tall. As you'll see here that's not always the case.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That’s Erika Linder (looking fine) on the left and the right. | Model Erika Linder Pulls Double Duty As Both Male And Female Model In New Campaign

Catwalk Slips - When Models Fall. Watch some funny video clips of female models falling down at http://www.bobpardue.com/catwalk-slips/

Fashion Model, Commercial Model, Plus Size, Petite, Fitness, Swimsuit, Glamour, Mature Model - What Type of Female Model Are You?

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