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Abandoned towns of the world

Where is it? Bodie, California What’s the story? Perhaps one of the best preserved of America’s ghost towns, typical of the boom and bust of the gold mines. At the height of its success it had several newspapers, 65 saloons – and even a brass band. However, as the mining industry went into the decline, the town also started to empty and was effectively a ghost town by the 1940s. It is now a National Historic Landmark and run by California’s State Parks.

Best Summer Trips 2012

Channel Islands, California... Spent a couple weeks on a sailboat in the islands when I was 14, was so beautiful. The start of my love of Cali, need to get back out there!

Bodie Ghost Town: Spectres, Curses and "Arrested Decay"

The old mining settlement at Bodie in California. Dating back to around 1859. Bodie is frozen in a state of “arrested decay”, looked after as a historic park but not restored to its original condition.