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Team Ten24 is looking for members. Team Ten24 will have a Battlefield Hardline dedicated server on DAY ONE! Team Ten24 was started by a group of police officers and is now comprised of police, fire, and other professionals. We are an over 21 team that has fun gaming together. We have a dedicated website, Facebook page, and Teamspeak. If you like to relax and have fun with a great group of folks, we are the team for you. Visit our website and apply today!

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Gravepackers We're a group of mature multi-national gamers and are currently recruiting all ages! We have a fun 32 player Battlefield 3 server running all of your favorite maps and game modes! We run anti cheat programs and have active admins.

UK Gamers Unite U2C - UK Gamers Unite Your One Stop for PC, XBox 360 and PS3 Gaming. We are A Group For Likeminded Gamers Who Like To Play The Games How They Should Be Played.

The Ta Team We are an international clan dedicated to tactics, communication and having a good time! We offer casual and competitive gaming in a Respectful, friendly,safe and secure environment that caters to all age groups.

Sons Of Valour Sons of Valour is a community gaming group that is committed to providing a fun and friendly environment in which all people can socialize and enjoy themselves in a fantastic atmosphere. The core idea behind SoV is the respect and honour that we have for each other. Whether we be black, white, young or old, we all share a common interest: gaming.

AwolGamers AWOL was created on January the 24th 2004 by Ex-Assault, Over the years it has been built in to a multigaming community and has multiple server for over 15 games including Minecraft, Dayz, Battlefield 3, Warz etc. We have fun and friendly environment for general game play or serious gaming. In AWOL we aren't just a group of gamers but more of a second family. We call ourselves a Community but we are all close friends that are more like family.

The Frequency "Frequency was founded in the summer of 2010 on the East coast of Australia, and launched unofficially in July 2011 as “Betafreq” and then officially as “Frequency” on the 11/11/2011, by a small group of tech enthusiasts who wanted to bring several communities together in one central location to share, discuss, and most of all struggle for supremacy in whatever video game we where playing at the time.

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