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Hardangerjøkulen Glacier, Norway – Hoth. @YoungDumbAndFun

Santorini Isle, Greece. @youngdumbandfun

Ireland - Blarney Castle. @YoungDumbAndFun

Grindelwald, Switzerland – Alderaan. @YoungDumbAndFun

Bergen, Norway I think I'm in love with this city omg

Mount Etna, Italy – Mustafar. @YoungDumbAndFun

Lake Como, Italy – Naboo Lakeside. @YoungDumbAndFun

from The Telegraph

Norway: Oslo to Bergen by train

The train to Bergen stuttered along the busier urban tracks, hesitating its way beyond the giant Holmenkollen ski jump towering over central Oslo, before threading between the bright clapboard houses of suburbia. Our ears popped as we gathered momentum and altitude and the city outskirts opened into fields of wheat and lily-strewn ponds...