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Yellow PARROT!!! :D Parrots are like children......loud, messy, demanding, and sometimes impossible to live with. They are among the intelligent creatures and have been kept for centuries and even people such as Andrew Jackson and even Napoleon kept parrots!!!

Over the past few months, the drawing of historical analogy has become a small cottage industry, the analogies becoming darker as a Trump presidency went from being an unthinkable outcome to an unthinkable reality: Trump as Andrew Jackson,...

"Andrew Jackson" Digital 15"X11"

OK so you guys I hope you are reading this to the end I am going to make an "I am a Diana" sheet with everyone who comments or likes and then I will post a picture of it.

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percy jackson Piper McLean HDO pintura Heroes of Olympus HoO andythelemon I know thats its not virias but Andy's...

Thalia Grace. Directors didn't do a terrible job on her. Actually, they pronounced her name wrong. Never mind.- but the casting was still better than Annabeth.