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Yellow PARROT!!! :D Parrots are like children......loud, messy, demanding, and sometimes impossible to live with. They are among the intelligent creatures and have been kept for centuries and even people such as Andrew Jackson and even Napoleon kept parrots!!!

from BBC News

Is Donald Trump the modern-day Andrew Jackson?

Donald Trump's election victory draws comparisons with the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson, who had County Antrim roots.

Chuck Todd: Donald Trump, Like Andrew Jackson, ‘Doesn’t Owe Anybody Anything’ | NBC News: Chuck Todd draws comparisons to President Andrew…

I can understand that some people think that Piper is a underdeveloped character, but I think Rick did it on purpose. We know most about the other 6's past and some think that she's a selfish character that will never change. I think that Rick left that little slot open so we can imagine what her life was like before the gods came into her life. So we can develop Piper in our own minds and think of her personality as what we want.

Thalia Grace. Directors didn't do a terrible job on her. Actually, they pronounced her name wrong. Never mind.- but the casting was still better than Annabeth.

Punk Percy and Stylish Annabeth. (aka if Percy ever decided to were anthing but a t-shirt and jeans and Annabeth actually remembered to brush her hair...)