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derpfire: Punz and her Time-Turner!~ (For those confused about house choices -> X )

God, that was a rough month, for both of us. I hated seeing Nat like that. After she got better, I did go after the sons of @$+#&€¥ that hurt her, and made every last one of them pay.

There are office bets throughout SHIELD of when Clint and Natasha will get together.

Here’s the next one. Like I said in the last one, I used a coloring book to do the outlines. It was hard to do Jack in this, but I managed to have him in it. This is my way of showing what would happen if Jack was in it instead of Flynn. This is also a scene for my finished story Rise of the Tangled Guardians. Jack and Rapunzel are not in love just yet, but they are starting to see something together while they sing. Man I wish there was a duet between Chris Pine and Mandy Moore.

Oops I did not mean to pin this in the board sorry :(