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"Pig-ploughed" field ready for planting at the Community Farm, Somerset

Effect of green manuring in combination with nitrogen on soil fertility and yield of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) under double cropping system of Sinana-dinsho, Southeast Ethiopia - Magazine with 11 pages: An experiment was conducted at Sinana-Dinsho from 2001 to 2003 to evaluate the short term effects of substituting vetch green manuring for fallow in 'Ganna' season under double cropping system. Three land preparation treatments (weedy fallow, Vetch harvested and Vetch under ploughed)…

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My permanent pastures went beneath the plough. The soil is super fertile, booming with organic matter, earthworms and other types of soil biologicals. This is my best soil.

Captain Reversible Plough : Reversible Plough is an Implement which turns the soil level up side down, Incorporating soil residues, making available more fertile layer for the new crop. #reversibleplough #plough #ploughmaker

Yeomans Plows and Equiptment, details and pictures THE RED BOOK .The RED BOOK illustrates most of the range of subsoiling ploughs and other products produced by Yeomans Plow Co. for cultivating land, specifically to increase soil fertility, increase land productivity and eliminate soil erosion and land salinity. The RED BOOK shown illustrates the products we … Continue reading 1. Red Book on Yeomans Plows

What you already know is the key to learning new things

The facts piled up in your brain can turn into fertile soil. But you have to plough through them so the new ideas you’re planting have a chance to take root

liberalsarecool: Remember, people don’t start wars, warhawk politicians do. The politicians obsessed with power need to divide and conquer. [See Trump.] Take away the political rhetoric of the ‘AM radio fascists’ on the right, and you have a vast, diverse population trying to make things work for everyone. Everything in the picture above is true. Additionally, the words of those politicians fell on very fertile soil that had been ploughed and fertilized by the humiliation of WW 1 and…