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Steve Shives - vlogger- This Is Why Feminism Isn't Called 'Humanism'. Quote: "The reason why it’s called feminism while advocating for gender equality is because females are the gender that are the underprivileged, underserved gender," Shives says in his video response. "You attain gender equality by advocating for the rights of the underprivileged gender."

Remember That Time A Rapist Got Convicted And The Internet Threatened To Kill The Victim For It?

taking things for granted, and assuming they will always be there, is a dangerous practice which harms many. learn about and appreciate our social history and those who fought for us in the past.

scareamore: eskaisbored: alexbluebonnets: Holy shit. I always wonder why some people are disgusted with natural things and are cool with things that should never exists because they hurt others phisically and mentally i follow them on twitter and the responses from men were almost all “i’m gonna rape you you feminist whore” sooo yeah thats why we still need feminism thanks


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