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Turoe Stone from Loughrea, Co. Galway. It is decorated in the La Tène style and dates from approximately 200 BC.

CELTIC BRONZE PENDANT Circa 400 B.C. The thin, cast pendant triangular in form, the raised central boss with a stylized human face flanked by horse heads with projecting loops, each supporting an elongated drop, and a central loop above, the surface with stamped dotted circles and bands of hatching, the lower edge with seven perforations, one preserving sheet pendants with dotted circles 6 in. (15.2 cm) long. Sold at Christie's; no country of origin listed.

Top 10 Amazing Celtic Treasures

This ceremonial chariot, standing just over 23 inches, was unearthed at the Strettweg burial near Judenburg in Austria, and dates to circa 600 BC. Unlike many of the other objects on this list, this is an older form of art work, with more abstract anthropomorphic/zoomorphic art.

Beautifully detailed Green Man including an intricate Celtic design. The Green Man is one of the oldest symbols in the world, representing the unbreakable connection between mankind and Nature. To see more extraordinary and inspirational objects for house and garden please visit our website:

Celtic.. I was a wolf, and she, my moon <3. "Every Night I howl to her, hoping she hears me. I see her, full and brightly lit! Even when she's dark and hides herself from me. During the day I am bleak and indifferent while I am away from her. But when I see her in the night sky, I feel strong, primal, and intoxicated by my lust for her. I want to hunt her, track her by pure scent, then devour her from the inside out. Making the heavens jealous with our passion. ♋️❤️♉️