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Evening Dresses

IT IS AN ELSA FROZEN DRESS!!! Evening Dresses | Krikor Jabotian Akhtamar Collection

brbgottagoread: when I am ruler of the earth I... - livingart28

brbgottagoread: when I am ruler of the earth I am going to wear these while exploring forests with my dragon

Akhtamar (Based on Armenian Legend) Princess Tamar waiting for her love The origin and meaning of the island's name is based on an old Armenian legend. According to the tale, an Armenian princess named Tamar lived on the island and was in love with a commoner. This boy would swim from the mainland to the island each night, guided by a light she lit for him. Her father learned of the boy's visits.

AKHTAMAR LEGEND: Beautiful Princess Tamar, fell in love with a commoner. Each night, to steal a few magic moments with her, he swam across the lake, guided by the fire she lit. One tragic night, her father found out, locked her away & smothered the fire. The lost man, cried "Akh, Tamar" (Oh, Tamar), before drowning. You can still hear his cries, as he searches for his love. Lake Van, in Turkey, was part of the Armenian Kingdom for centuries. This statue is in Armenia, on the way to Lake…