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Read to find out more about me and my family #Repost @anyablogs with @repostapp. Recently my husband and I have been questioning whether or not a second dog would be a good choice for us. Together we came to the conclusion that York would love to have a companion. And already York and his new baby sister Ro are showing us we have made the right decision. York and Ros names have significant meaning behind them. Chris and I had a long distance relationship. I lived in Florida and he lived…

i am so glad i have good babies (dogs)! i am pretty sure i wouldn't be laughing if i came home to this. still....gotta love 'em! look how proud he looks!

"Today I ate 12 chocolate liquor bottles. Got so drunk I couldn't stand up, and then projectile vomited across the living room. And now I am hung over!!"

OP: i am sick from standing outside in the rain last wednesday for the matinee hamilton lotto, but it’s ok, because we won, so it’s worth the sneezes. i would like to thank @linmanuel and various other cast members for making eye contact with me in the front row several times and not breaking character to laugh at my scrunched up crying baby face. Featuring a few of my favorite stage moments because there are just so many spectacular little expressions and details to be seen, esp the crying

Planning to do this photoshoot with my babies and dogs someday
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