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from ADDitude Magazine

Think Positive: Tips for Happier ADHD Parenting

Parenting ADHD Children with a Positive Outlook | ADDitude - ADHD Behavior and Discipline

from Scholastic Teachers

Listen Up, Students! Attention Signals That Work

Listen Up, Students! Attention Signals That Work. Watch how teachers from every grade in my school demonstrate how they get their students' attention, and get tips from their answers to some of the frequently asked questions about effective attention signals.

from Anxious Toddlers

5 Unrealistic Expectations People Place on Kids with ADHD

Raising or working with kids with ADHD requires you to operate from a different…

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Classy Women Heels Demanding Every Attention

Classy Women Heels Demanding Every Attention - Trend To Wear


Hypersensitivity Is Not Imagined

Hypersensitivity: Are You a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? | Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Help & Info - ADDitude

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What to do when a client asks for a refund

7 Photography Client Situations & How to Handle Them - We have all run into those situations with clients that make us uncomfortable or what to pull our hair out! Instead, read how we would handle some of these. We even offer included some sample email responses. -

This list of attention grabbers can be quite useful for transitions, for noise level management, etc..

from Heidi Songs

Getting Control of a Talkative Class

Getting Control of a Talkative Class. Love this. Some helpful tips for my talkative little bundles of joy...

from e.a. deverell

Plot Hole (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing Worksheet – Fixing Plot Holes (PDF) Plot holes are almost inevitable at some stage in any piece of longer writing, and in my experience, fixing them can be the most disheartening job of the writer. Print out this worksheet, pour yourself a drink and sit down to untangle those snags! RELATED:  Writing Worksheet Wednesday: Choose a…