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""What a hero is" so I wrote this poem a few months ago and I absolutely love it! I wanna send a copy to BVB one day and hope they like it. copyright belongs to me so please don't try to say its yours, thanks" -emily robin

LOVE! I can't stand her. Her music is not tasteful and she has no modesty. Even if you don't like BVB, you can't justify her.

It's so annoying when people say they love BVB but then don't know who Ashley, CC, Jinx or Jake are!

Of course! I love the rest of the guys! I mean, have you ever seen CC?! How could you not love that! Each of them are freaking fantastic!!!

Bvb is one of the best bands in the world and I love them dearly and I appreciate everything they for their army.. BVB ARMY FOREVER!!