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The ‘Un-Mosquing’ of American Muslims

Sexual apartheid is common in U.S. mosques, and some Muslim women want less sexist alternatives. Muslim literature encourages women to pray at home, and when they do attend the mosque, women are traditionally separated from the men, to prevent sexual distraction from prayer. A 2011 survey showed that two-thirds of U.S. mosques use dividers of some kind to demarcate women’s prayer spaces during daily prayers. In some mosques, the women’s prayer area is in the back of the prayer hall, behind a…

Jeremy Corbyn considers 'women-only' train carriages

Labour leadership front-runner suggests women-only train carriages could reduce sex attacks -- Wrong. Sex-segregated spaces communicate low expectations for men. These low expectations contribute to rape culture. Women-only train cars essentially say "Expecting men to act like decent humans is too much to ask and too hard to enforce, and women who don't want abuse should hide away from men". They make women less safe, ultimately.

Isolation of inmates rising in crowded prisons

Overcrowded Canadian prisons increasingly relying on solitary confinement; women and minorities most affected

Iran detains UK citizen over ban on women watching sports alongside men

Iran detains UK citizen over ban on women watching sports alongside men -- she was held in solitary confinement for over a month, because Islam promotes sexism and gender apartheid.

New Republican pitch to female voters: Over-the-counter birth control

Republicans are right about one thing: Birth control pills must be available to buy without a prescription. The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists says the studies are clear: OTC oral contraception improves women's health. People are concerned that the switch means that Obamacare won't cover it anymore, but that could be fixed. Concerns over affordability (or Republican agendas) shouldn't stop people from supporting OTC oral contraceptives.

Why did a boys' school tell women what to wear?

Banning Nazi symbols or hijabs would be one thing. Banning sleeveless shirts is harder to justify. It's a tropical country where men often go sleeveless too. Some parents noted that many other schools, including "international schools", were also in the habit of turning away women in sleeveless clothes despite not having put up posters about it.

Muslim extremist literature common in Canada. The study authors personally visited four mosques and three Islamic schools in the Ottawa area, but also express concern in the study about alleged activities — including homophobic statements and promotion of Holy War — at certain mosques in Montreal and Toronto.

Black Pastors Are Breaking the Law to Get Hillary Clinton Elected

Nearly a third of these churchgoers say they’ve heard clergy support her from the pulpit in the past few months, according to a survey.

Battle of the Prices: Is It Ever Fair to Charge One Sex More?

On the common practice of charging women more for haircuts and men more for admission to certain nightclubs

Iranian Soccer Player Misses Asian Games After Her Husband Bars Her From Traveling. In Iran, men are legally allowed to deny their wives the right to travel.