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Study shows it takes a day for a new home to be full of people's bacteria


Check Out Life Spans Around The World — And Likely Years Of Ill Health

Check Out Life Spans Around The World — And Likely Years Of Ill Health. A new study looks at how long people live in 188 countries — and how they fare. Regardless of whether you're in a rich or poor nation, you'll probably face health issues for one-eighth of your life.


A Medical Mystery of the Best Kind: Major Diseases Are in Decline

The leading killers — cancer, heart disease and stroke – are coming later in…

Our Fear of Opioids Leaves the World in Pain

Pfizer To Buy Allergan For $160B, Create World’s Largest Drug Company -- Moving ownership from the U.S. to Ireland will mean the company pays less tax

For Colombia's Emberá telling outsiders about FGM is worse than cutting girls. There is a strongly held belief among the Emberá that if a clitoris is not cut it will become a penis.

Pope Francis admits: Use of condoms to stop AIDS is a ‘complicated’ issue for the Church. The pope grudgingly admitted condoms are “one of the methods” which could prevent the spread of the HIV virus that causes AIDS, but was not pleased by the topic being raised. “When people are dying from lack of water and food… your question seems too narrow,” he told the German journalist who had raised the issue. The Church is against all forms of contraception and instead says abstinence is the best…


The Debate Is On: To Deworm Or Not To Deworm?

More than 2 billion people are infected with intestinal worms. They can cause anemia. Anemia can cause serious problems, but mild anemia can actually be helpful for fighting some diseases. Maybe that's why the evidence for deworming is so mixed. The parasites can spread through soil and water.


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Settlement: The province has committed to allowing more than five daily nursing visits at home for people with “complex care needs". Ian Cole is 52 and has been disabled since birth. His mother cared for him for 44 years, but she's 88 now. He lives at home but needs nurses and volunteers to help him throughout the day. His doctor recommended more visits which exceeded the spending cap and were too expensive for the family to keep paying for, so he would otherwise have to live in a facility.

Some antidepressants make bones weaker by slowing down new growth. People who take some selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) have been found to have a higher risk of fractures, but it wasn’t clear why. Researchers have now found that giving mice fluoxetine – the active ingredient in Prozac – for six weeks causes them to lose bone mass. Other SSRI drugs may not have the same effects. Ducy’s team found that citalopram didn’t have any positive or negative impact on bones.