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Rare and unpublished early colour photos of The Beatles on tour are to be sold at auction. They were taken during the Fab Four's triumphant summer 1964 visit to the US, when most early photos of the band, and even films, were in black and white. Colour was more expensive and seen as too extravagant for a pop group from Liverpool - who many felt were just a passing fad.

The Beatles on the set of A Hard Day's Night, 1964

Maharishi with the Beatles in Rishikesh A begger to beatles - Rishikesh a city of spiritual wisdom.


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Blue is a trustworthy colour that displays loyalty. Lots of corperate companies use blue in their logos to gain trust of their consumers.

Living "jewel", beetle. How have beetles been used in jewellery design? Explore their use through history and around the world.

dp-illustrations: Minimal Beatles Designed by Jonathan Vizcuna. posted by dp{i}etsy//facebook//twitter//google+

A color photograph of The Beatles during the filming of "A Hard Day's Night", 1964.