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Baklava Yufkasında Cevizli Kadayıf Sarma / Shredded Wheat Wrapping in Baklava Dough with Walnut

Turkish Kunefe (Künefe) | Kunefe is a heavenly Turkish dessert made with cheese and shredded Kadayif dough soaked in sweet syrup.

Macedonian Tulumbi Recipe - Fried Sweet Dough with Sugar Syrup-Had this at a wedding yesterday...'to die for' wonderfully different-GREAT!

Baklava with Rose, Cardamom and Pistachio Recipe

This Baklava recipe with rose and pistachio is featured in The Great British Baking Show airing on PBS. Get Richard's recipe at PBS Food.

Baklava Yufkasında Kadayıf Sarması / Shredded Wheat Wrapping in Baklava Dough

Turkish Lokma

Lokma is fried sweet dough soaked in syrup and a very popular dessert in Turkish cuisine. It's so easy to make it at home.

shredded dough baked in syrup topped with crushed nuts ( Turkish Tel Kadayıf)

Hazır Yufkadan Kuru Burma Baklava - Kekevi Tatlı Tarifleri - YouTube

Almond Baklava Fingers Hi Sawsan! Sharing my famous Almond Baklava Fingers for Middle Eastern Monday -- much easier to make than traditional baklava, so they're great for beginners and the very experienced alike! Doused in orange blossom syrup: totally irresistible.

Zülbiye Tatlısı