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one of earth's greatest natural healers- Aloe Vera. the gel is good for skin and hair and the juice is great for intestinal health

Green is in--and not just as a paint color. The latest, coolest bathroom trend is sure to please the gardeners and plant lovers out there: the green bathroom. Let's have a look at some great bathroom plant options.

The aloe vera plant (top right), with its soothing and healing qualities, is the perfect bathroom plant. Keep it close by and its antioxidant-rich gel may make its way into your daily beauty routine. One of the pluses of the wax plant (top left) is its trailing, flowing Rapunzel-like growth. Plants, top to bottom, left to right: aloe vera; golden pothos; Hoya carnosa (wax plant); Alocasia amazonica (elephant’s ear or Alocasia Polly); Soleirolia soleirolii (baby’s tears); sansevieria (snake…

No.74 Watercolor succulent plant in pots, aloe vera, cactus, kitchen decor, bathroom decor, wall art by DigitalCornerCroft on Etsy