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You Okay Mutt-Face by Inumaru101 on DeviantArt

What's Wrong With Me? by Inumaru101 on DeviantArt

Inu attacks by Inumaru101 on DeviantArt

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We are all mad here Art Print by DV Designstudio

Fun, whimsical, intricate painting idea of scene inside Cheshire Cat. We are all mad here Art Print. Please also visit for more colorful art you might like to pin. Thanks for looking!

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Inuyasha and kagome. Friendly chatting그리고 예전에 맥언니 생일축전이었던 이누야샤랑 카고메

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hölo on

Like father, like sons #inuyasha #InuTaisho #sesshomaru #love #anime #art #cute #dog #Izayoi #kagome #rin

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How to Draw Realistic Hair

how to draw hair, line based inspiration. For all those times Gilly asks me to draw her a princess!