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Lovely Metal Animals that Wrap Around Your Finger by Michael Tatom

Lovely Metal Animals that Wrap Around Your Finger by Michael Tatom - The Homeless Romantic Starting out as a jeweler in a retail store, Michael Tatom began carving stone on the side in his brother’s studio. Tatom became fascinated with crea June 2016

I Love Ugly 5 Panel Caps Holiday 12 (I have the one that is the first in the line that is second from the bottom). AS

Master the blanket scarf is 5 easy steps! First, fold it in half. Next, gather the ends in both hands, leaving room at the ends. Then wrap it around your neck from front to back before tucking the wrapped ends (back to front) under the loop. And voila! You’re all set to keep snug and stylish, all winter long. Shop blanket scarfs in-store or at

See how the "islands" enhance the browsing experience? This shop looks irresistible & yours can too. Learn how to make your Shop Sizzle with

Basic frames are easy to come by—you probably have one lying around the house, and if not, they're a dime a dozen (ok, they're $1 each) at your local dollar store. But the art to fill them? That's typically the harder, much more expensive part. Instead, change your frame of mind and stop letting these pieces play supporting roles. In these DIY ideas, the frames steal the show.

Woodlands Baby Shower theme. Instead of a guestbook, Get a document frame (from a craft store), Paint a tree trunk on the inside pane of glass, Use a cricut (or whatever you've got) to cut out paper leaves. At the shower, write "Wishes for the Baby" on paper leaf cutouts. Attach leaves using double sticky photo mount tape between the panes. Makes a great baby room decoration. When the child gets older they can turn the picture around to read all the wishes their loved ones had for them…