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Mekong - upstand - indian red - OriginalStyle 1000x140x6mm

Mississippi upstand - turquoise - OriginalStyle 1000x140x6mm

Touken Ranbu | Ookanehira (1000 x 772)

이미지 사이즈 : 1000 x 1000 이미지 사이즈가 화면보다 큽니다. 왼쪽 버튼을 클릭한 후 마우스를 움직여서 보세요. 더블 클릭하면 닫혀요.

The galaxy at the image center, Hercules A, also known as 3C 348, is actually over 1,000 times more massive than our Milky Way Galaxy, and the central black hole is nearly 1,000 times more massive than the black hole at our Milky Way's center. The physics that creates the jets remains a topic of research with a likely energy source being infalling matter swirling toward the central black hole. (Hubble Space Telescope/VLA radio telescope in New Mexico)

Create charm bracelets and charm necklaces Website Header Design Example - Custom size web page header 1000 x 142 pixels. Static Header Examples