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I've been thinking about starting my own newsletter...or having a special section for the library in the school newsletter. Free Newsletter Template! Comes with color and BW!!......Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

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Review of Learn American English Online published on Find ... #tefl #esl #learnenglish …

Spin 4 Cash Game (Take N Teach Version)

Spin 4 Cash is an exciting learning game in which students solve problems or answer questions and spin to win game cash. Just add your own task cards to customize it for any subject! $ #Laura Candler

Compound Word Match-it Interactive Activity

This activity has twelve compound words and 36 cards for students to match. There is a recording sheet with an I can statement: "I can write compound words." There is a write and illustrate page with an I can statement: "I can write a sentence with a compound word." I also included a tri-fold interactive compound word journal foldable that could be used in a center with the cards and recording sheet.

Rhyming Dominoes and Speedracer Game - Learning After School

Paul and Norbury (2012) explain that phonological awareness is an important skill to help decode words for reading and spelling. Phonological awareness includes counting syllables, rhyming, finding alliterations, and segmenting words. Phonological awareness activities, however, should only be used until students are able to segment words and put letters to sounds. After this, direct reading and spelling intervention should be used.