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Lebanese Tea

Lebanese Tea ~ ~ ~ A light and refreshing version of iced tea that is served at all the local Greek and Lebanese restaurants. I was quite surprised to discover that this recipe actually originated in the New Orleans / Baton Rouge area. The pine nuts don't add anything to the flavor of the drink, so I usually leave them off. I buy my rose water from a local middle eastern grocery store. You can adjust the amounts of sugar, rose water, and lemon juice to suit your tastes.

Barazek is an Arabic dessert famous in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine that is Served with Turkish coffee or hot tea.

(BEIRUT, LEBANON) -- Golden brown bread, green za'atar, bright red tomatoes, sweet cheese, drizzling syrup, hot tea. A Lebanese breakfast is something ....

white coffee and chocolate "For those of you who dread the jolt that caffeine-laden Turkish coffee inflicts, there is white coffee. White coffee is offered at get-togethers in Lebanon and it is simply boiled water with a few drops of orange blossom water (to taste) and sugar (optional)."