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Dahlia Dark Angels® 'Pulp Fiction’ blooms and dark red leaves! This striking combination of flowers and foliage is ideal for a patio planter or window-box on your patio or decking! Both the flowers and the leaves will look great in a flower arrangement!

Large-Flowered Dahlia 'Ice Crystal'Large flowered dahlia 'Ice Crystal' is a beautiful dahlia with white serrated petals! Only a few summer flowers are as rewarding as these easy-to-grow tuberous rooted plants. Dahlias are excellent cut flowers which bloom for a very long time.

*WHITE BAT FLOWER ~ Tacca integrifolia ... Several species are cultivated as ornamental plants for their bold foliage and large flowers. The well-known T. chantrieri goes by the names of Black Bat Flower, Bat-head Lily, Devil Flower or Cat's Whiskers. Tacca integrifolia is known as the Purple or White Bat Flower.

Flower Garden Ideas for Your Landscape

-- Use geometry to contrast or complement; here, the flowerbed's curving borders repeat in the gentle edging of lawn. -- Plants chosen in mostly similar hues -- lavender, light purple, and fuchsia, for example -- offer a soothing palette for the garden.