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Dahlia Dark Angels® 'Pulp Fiction’ blooms and dark red leaves! This striking combination of flowers and foliage is ideal for a patio planter or window-box on your patio or decking! Both the flowers and the leaves will look great in a flower arrangement!

Giant Trumpet Lily 'Bellsong' Do you want to plant an exclusive flower in your garden? Then this gorgeous trumpet lily ‘Bellsong’ is exactly what you are looking for. The huge, pale pink flowers on this lily can grow to 25 cm and they emit an enchanting fragrance. The flowers grow on sturdy stalks that can reach a height of 1.5 m tall after a few years! It is therefore the ideal cut flower suitable for large or small bouquets and flower arrangements.

Babiana Mixed These small low growing bulbous plants mixed, produce 7-10 beautiful flowers on one stem. In the ground or in a small vase or flower arrangement, there’s no prettier! The cute funnel-shaped flowers that bear a strong resemblance to the freesia attract lots of butterflies. Babiana stricta is also known as Baboon flower. The Babiana stricta mix consists of little bulbs that love a warm, sunny spot in your garden! Protect them against frost during winter!

'Dragon Wing Red' Angel Wing Begonia - Our Favorite Plants for Containers