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Love my eye color :p they always change

Autumn by *MiaJitaru “…and my eyes no longer gaze the same on the face of the world.” ― Jean Hatzfeld

Central Heterochromia with ZONULE detailing I never understood why my eyes were different colors and now I do!!!

like the reflection in color, rest B, really makes the picture pop!! Like this for my baby kiki

"Her eyes were exactly like mine. A deep brown right around the pupil, that faded into a pine tree green. It was the only quality that I actually liked about myself, when I was young I got compliments day and night about my eyes. But that was before everyone found out. Before they knew I was different." -Charlotte Borden (RL)

The dark hair and green eyes a child of Poseidon inherits. #photography #portrait

I am gonna try and get a shot like this of my horse but I dont think he will stand still long enough

perfect... if the girl on the left had brown eyes representing Isabella and the girl on the right has more blue

The London Eye, Westminster. UK -on my bucket list to be here for any New Years - they have the best!!!

Beautiful green snake with brilliant eye color. I don't like snakes, but this snakes coloring caught my 's color being outstanding