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i told my dad about this anime, and he was like 'you just explained your life' XD

NOT insinuating anything about my mother personally, because I really don't care if she knows what manga is. But this is hilarious.

Otaku problems: For. Kids!!!!! Anime/manga quotes funny pictures

Just pinning 'cause it's funny. There's no way I can watch anime that much: I have a life.

It's amazing how much energy I can find at the end of the day when I'm reading manga

Anime/manga: Naruto (Shippuden) Character: Naruto, school is terrible, ripping me from my beloved anime and manga. What a cruel fate! But for us 8 hours

The reason for this is because it's easier to have the main characters in the back by a window because then the creator doesn't have to draw the entire classroom