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Cop shoots teen dead prompting near riot in Mo. |


American History 1

A timeline that includes the most important points in American History from 1492 through 1877. Good for any student of any age or for any history buff. This 4 page guide includes: the new world 1492-1646, society forms 1642-1732, a country grows 1690-1771, revolutionary ideas 1754-1774, the revoluti

A Teenage Girl Explains Different Forms of Government

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Roosevelt and the New Deal - Reading Worksheet | Free to print (PDF file). For high school American History.

Which presidents are on your money?
from Washington Post

Which presidents are on your money?

Visit our Money Museum to see the Grand Watermelon (most recently sold on auction for $3.29 million) and a $10,009 bill. Do you know your money history? Who, for example, is on the $100,000 bill -- and what ever happened to that bill?

Parental Wage Gap: This Is What Happens to Your Income When You Have Children