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Whassup, citizens! The new, overly friendly political speech. (June 3, 2012)

#languagenerdalert A new tool for self-deprecation. (Sep. 24, 2011)

Birth of the nerd. The mysterious origins of a familiar character. (Aug. 28, 2011)

Catfish: how Manti Te’o's imaginary romance got its name. Why we turn to stories to label strange human deceptions. (Jan. 27, 2013)

How to talk like a doomsday prepper. Useful jargon for the zombie apocalypse. (Dec. 30, 2012)

Crowdsourcing the dictionary. A publisher turns to the masses for new words. (Aug. 12, 2012)

A pahticulah way of talking. In a new book, 17th-century Massachusetts speech comes alive. (Jan. 29, 2012)

At this year’s spelling bee, make way for meaning. Why is spelling showbiz while vocabulary is homework? (Apr. 28, 2013)

Dude, this headline is so meta. “Meta” has become a perfect meta-commentary on the consciously self-referential age we live in. (May 6, 2012)

Supercalicontentious. Who coined the longest nonsense word in America? It’s a touchy subject. (Apr. 22, 2012)