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Calling Lake Ice Fishing Walleye and Northern Pike on GOPRO HERO by Volkswagen Point. The fish were biting walleye flasher jigs tipped with minnows. This was an odd year with poor snow coverage on the lake. Made things a little slick and may have played into our slow day since the fish probably saw us walking around above.

Largemouth tip: Big bass set up on deep ambush points. Focus on ledges, humps, & points. 15-40 ft range. Cast from shallowest point, let sink, slow retrieve. {try RT Custom Lures Stocker Trout, 10".}

Photo by Bill Lindner/Lindner Imagery Jigging up perch in the dead of winter can be fun, but hauling up 14-inch fatties is sheer euphoria. At times, icefishing for perch can be ridiculously easy, due largely to their voracious appetite. Indeed, catching a bucketful of dinks is often mere child's play. That is not the case with big fish. When these so-called sumo perch start to chew, I become a man on a mission.

biggest bluegill ever caught in the world | caught the absolute biggest bluegill ever through the ice i m thinking ...