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Big strong Dapple grey horse running on the beach. Beautiful Large Draft style, Gypsy Vanner?

Name: Buddy I'm here to protect my love of my life spitfire, If you even dear get near her scar, all fight you, and all make sure you won't leave alive like you did last time and time again,

A CHILL IN THE AIR - Wasatch Mountains of Utah #winter horse snow ice cold frosty frost #by David C. Schultz on

(91) Equine Photography by Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek - Photos

I'm sure all figure out how to control myself, I didn't mean what I done, and I feel bad about it.... I promised you my sweet dear spitfire that I would never hurt you again, and I did... I didn't mean it.. I want to continue to raise our family.. I want to be YOUR mate for life.. please take my apology... please I'm begging you

'Bailo ART' at

It kinda looks like it's wearing cheerleader pom- poms on its fetlocks.