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Explore Camp Crystal, Crystal Lake and more!

FREDDY VS JASON COOKIE CUTTER SET - Join the forces of Elm Street and Camp Crystal Lake! This set of cooking cutters/ stampers are all set to make Jason Voorhees hockey mask and Freddy Krueger cookies for you to bite into! They even include a recipe for some scared sweet sugar cookies and a blood red royal icing to make these cookies really stand out on the plate.

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Camp Crystal Lake

NJ - Real Place - Camp Crystal Lake, also known as Camp Blood, is the territorial hunting ground for psychopath Jason Voorhees. The campground first opened up in 1935. In 1936, a fire erupted in the counselors bunkhouse and it burned to the ground. Five counselors were burned to death, but no clues as to the origin of the fire were ever discovered. In 1957, Pamela Voorhees was working at the campground and brought along her mentally disabled son Jason

THE 13 STRANGEST ABANDONED PLACES IN COLORADO -used to mtn bike here with my brother as a teenager

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Friday the 13th (1980)

Good work, no doubt...but....for all the film geeks out there, the hockey mask didn't appear until episode 3. Sorry dude

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Crystal Ghost Town

Crystal Ghost Town, Crystal River, Colorado...a gorgeous abandoned ghost town

This is in Colorado. My mom and dad used to drive me by this place back in the day. My dad owned a Jeep and he had it decked out for us to explore the Rockies. Good times, warm memories... The country around this place is pretty nice too. Wish I could go on more trips with my parents...

Lake Hope State Park, beautiful camping area in Vinton County, Ohio. One of my favorite natural areas (and only a few miles from the Moonville Tunnel!)

Everyone thought this was for blue and yellow diamond, but it would appear a different fusion may be coming into the light.