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Download HD Christmas Bible Verse Greetings Card & Wallpapers Free: Very Present Help in Trouble Bible Verse by Brother Samuel Janras

PLEASE I WANT BOTH OBLIVION AND THE ENTIRETY OF MORROWIND TO BE REMASTERED not an island in a dlc The entire thing of Morrowwind

How Marcus feels compared to Thur. Perhaps brought up during the brother 'heart to heart' scene. Or during a drug trip hallucination. Or a rehab withdrawal scene.

This is right...every day is a battle since God took you "home".

You must learn that the intensity of your love is irrelevant if it is not reciprocated. Love must flow in both directions for it to be worth chasing, otherwise you are only running towards a tsunami of your own making. - Samuel Decker Thompson | #LessoninProgress

Our elected officials should have the desire to serve for the greater good of their fellow Americans, not become career politicians for the prestige and power.

from Washington Post

Senate Republicans block minimum wage increase bill

CHervatin This photo reminds me of Uncle Pumblechook because Uncle Pumblechook is mean and is a greedy man who does not think he has to fallow the rules that Mrs. Joe made. He agrees with Mrs. Joe on everything when she acts like a stuck up jerk to Pip.