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Now these are floating stairs! Stairs in prefabricated house outside Stockholm by Swedish architecture firm Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Although described as a "cave," it is clearly a natural bridge*, which surprisingly formed within recorded historic time (known history for China stretches back an amazing distance -  in this case to the "sixth year of the Wuyong Period of the Three Kingdoms" - the year 263) when the wall underneath the arch collapsed.
The Climbing Heaven Stairs has a total of 999 steps, the number 9 is again referring to the number of palaces in heaven.

Heaven's Gate, China Welcome To Zhangjiajie City, China. About from downtown of Zhangjiajie lies the Tianmen Mountain, also known as Heaven Gate Mountain.

Did the stairway to heaven climb this year with my brother. One of the best climbs of my life and the most physical!! Amazing!!

It's A Long Process Don't look at how long it will take. Make daily commitments in order to become better, one step at a time.


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By Steve Richards (Badger)  Steve Richards+ Add Contact  This photo was taken on June 17, 2010 in Tavira, Faro, PT,

Garden Stairway to.nowhere. Except a beautiful view of the heavens. look, it's the terrifying stairs in Portugal

Stairway to heaven: 300ft spiral staircase on the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou, China offer the thrill of mountaineering without the danger.

Stairway to heaven: 300ft spiral staircase to give Chinese tourists a taste of the high life - as long as you don't have a heart condition

Stairway to heaven: spiral staircase in the Thaihang Mountains of China. "The spiral staircase has been installed on the wall of the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou, [Henan, China] to offer the thrill of mountaineering without the danger.

Stairway to Heaven, Iceland

Stairway to Heaven, ICELAND. Everything about Iceland is beautiful and wonderful and anyone who doesn't think so is a straight up loon.