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Can you see the 3D raised blocks pyramid behind the word SPIRITUALLY ? May God open your eyes spiritually to see Him as He truly appears in all His hidden mysteries !

Kari Jobe - I Am Not Alone

Focus must always be on GOD Perversions against GOD is evilness and requires asking for GOD's forgiveness before GOD can even think of directing His blessings again in certain directions !

God the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit fill me with your gifts ! Your spirit , love , mercy , hope , peace , faith , grace , glory , forgiveness , discernment , understanding , trust , glory , joy , worthiness , honor , charity , empathy , compassion , healing , your word ...

The Great Deceiver`s Misleading ways of Perversion leads to Hell ! GOD can forgive if they REPENT and GOD wants to bless those believing children that want Him to be and need Him to be in their life all the time , for the good times and the bad times !

God is all sovereign ! Sometimes people do not see God's will or big view ! God can even forgive someone that has killed , when they are truly repentant , and make a hundred eighty degree turn to live for him , as Moses and Paul did ! Some may never see his full judgment of punishment or rewards , till they stand before God ! The size of punishments or rewards vary according to one's worthiness and righteous walking with God ! Question: "Why was Jonah angry that the…

Experience is a good teacher , but it depends on who the teacher is , because sometimes it does not give you a second chance ! The experience or ways of Satan can be destructive , harsh and unforgiving ! The experience or ways of God can be constructive , merciful and forgiving !

Common sense in all commandments is to obey God The Father , The Son and The Holy Spirit by respecting GOD father and mother and each other Teaching God's wisdom , Love , honor , respect , forgiveness , helping , truth and not harming others !

When dealing with evilness and tragedy , we must always concentrate and meditate on the righteous good fruits of GOD Faith , Hope , Love , Mercy , Forgiveness , Kindness , Tenderness , Understanding !

Because of GOD's LOVE and through our FREEWILL of DISOBEDIENCE , GOD's SOVEREIGNTY made it possible for himself to pay the price of FORGIVENESS through JESUS CHRIST's example of how to live and then his own PUNISHMENT & SACRIFICE for our sins that made it possible for us to be OBEDIENT again !