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Placenta Encapsulation from Start to Finish (Video)

See how placenta encapsulation is done in step-by-step photos and video, from the raw placenta to neat little pills that can be taken as supplements.

Here are the tips for pain relief in labor from the experts. Doulas can help you with all of these techniques and ideas to make your birth better for you. #doula #doulatraining #birtharts Become a Doula Today!

Share this post - So, you want to become a Doula? Wonderful! When you become a doula you are able to have a career you love and work to make birth better.   Doulas in Training How do I become a doula? …

A birth mandala is your personal, visual map for childbirth. It begins with a ten centimeter circle to represent cervical dilation and 1st stage of labor. The collage or drawing is then embellished with images to embody your complete vision for childbirth.