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Are you struggling to wake up in morning? Do you constantly find yourself missing appointments or hitting the snooze button? Along with getting a full nights sleep these tips will help you be the shining star that you are everyday!

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9 Easy Tips For Waking Up Earlier And More Refreshed

How To Wake Up Early! 9 Easy Tips For Waking Up Earlier And More Refreshed

This simple technique will help you to turn difficult things - going to the gym, drinking enough water, getting up early, etc - into strong, automatic habits.

Absolutely true :) I've put in my 40 years of getting up early 5-6 days a week. I'm retired and look forward to sleeping in, reading books, playing on social media, etc. You might get out and do more...that's great if that's what you enjoy, but being home is my enjoyment, and I don't feel one bit guilty about it :)

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12 Tips For Getting Up Early

Tips to wake up Early!! No snooze, lay clothes out the night before, talk to pet, etc, great!

I have such good intentions to get work done at home and then get distracted and then it's too late to start and I have to get up EARLY, drag it back to school, and sigh........ :)

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Teach yourself how to wake up early

I'm such a night owl. I need to get up are some good tips to accomplish that...

This week is the start of school for most American kids, and you know what that means: Lots of whining, and complaining about getting up early, homework, etc.What American kids don't understand though, is that they have it easy. School is usually not more than 20 minutes away, and they get to take a bus there. In many parts of the world that's not the case.Kids literally risk their lives getting to and from school everyday. After you see these 10 places, you'll be grateful. 1.) Sumatra, ...