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The Ministry of Defence has defended the introduction of a question asking recruits to the armed forces whether they are gay. Details of their sexual orientation will be stored but kept anonymous, and recruits will have the option to "prefer not to say".

That is how I explain it, and it works. - not my pin but I'm re pinning because it's beautiful. We are just people we can wear what feels comfortable for us gender is a social construct it's society who said trucks are for boys dolls are for girls break out of the box society puts you in and you'll be happier. Stop trying to put people in boxes that don't make sense.


Not to mention the one in eight chance trans women of color have of being murdered~daniel

Disregard society's gender constructs! Wear what you want, and do what thou wilt if it harm none

~a psa in lovely pastel bi colors

My answer? That's not it at all. Sexuality is a neurological thing as far as I can tell, but straight is the default because that's natural procreation mode. "Straight until proven otherwise" is just because that's the majority, K? I know it sounds dumb, but really. I'm a teenager. I have no idea what my sexuality is and I'm such a mess I would probably bang super Mario if he came outta my N64 right now because I'm a frustrated little virgin. You can have an idea as a teen, but not solid…

I could care less which bathroom you use just please wash your hands.