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More companies are outsourcing innovation which is in part due to global markets, geographically dispersed subject matter experts and a faster emergence of disruptive technologies. (Photo Credit: Mike Seyfang)

Why innovate when you can simply copy! (Photo Credit: Rayan Zomorodi flickr - creative commons)

A shared vision is a view of some future state that is agreed upon and shared by others. It is useful when managing change... (Photo Credit: Cliff)

The stages of creativity help provide structure and clarity on the mental and physical states of the individual... (Photo Credit: krazydad / jbum)

Have you ever had to judge a creative effort? (Photo Credit: Nick Helderman)

If you manage or supervise people then one of your objectives should be promoting creativity. Spurring people to be creative and ultimately innovative is good for you and your organization... (Photo Credit: garlandcannon)

What skills and traits do you feel promote creativity within a team? (Image Credit: John Athayde)

The candle problem is closely related to thinking outside of the box.

Everyday creativity is finding ways to be creative in your everyday life. Being creative isn't restricted to the glittering ideas of geniuses within big companies...

It’s key to maintain momentum with your innovative ideas. Innovations often take time to produce the desired results and maintaining momentum can be a difficult thing to achieve...