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and then everyt hing changed when JAKC SPICAH attacked

you-fat-nasty-piece-of-trash: “ I mean seriously! The few I’ve gathered aren’t even close to all of them! See look at this snarky little asshole. Sassy Yup. Definitely an Evil Boy Genius. “gurl da fuq...

Xiaolin Showdown was an interesting show with some interesting faces

I've been making this face a lot recently

u bettert giv me that shen gawng woo

...even if they lose (nearly) every time. a (mainly) Jack Spicer fan blog. I'm going through the series randomly, kicking butt and taking screenshots. Obviously, there are going to be some spoilers....

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XS Challenge, Day Favorite Jack Spicer Moment … So like how do you choose a single Jack Spicer moment…? Answer? You do not. ;) [[MORE]] Season Showdown from Ring of the Nine Dragons Definitely...

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