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Flamingos are usually thought of as pink birds, but they can display bright coral or red plumage as well. Flamingos are wading birds that live in semi-tropical habitats. The flamingo's color comes from beta-carotene in the shrimp or plankton that it eats. A brightly colored flamingo is healthier than a dull-colored one. Thus, the brighter the plumage, the more desireable a mate they are.

Caribbean Beach With Pink Flamingos Canvas Print / Canvas Art by George Oze

Chilean Flamingo; Laguna Chaxa in the Salar de Atacama, near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile; photo by Rob Kroenert

RED Flamingos! After spending two hours observing the Flamingos at the San Diego Zoo, I captured the perfect scene I had in mind. Photo Credit: Donated by Anna Pham