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Diversity Infographic

Diversity Infographic

How to Make Inspiring Baha'i Quotes in Images | Baha'i Blog

Theres a new platform for tech companies to manage unconscious bias Unconscious biases can play a role inwhat type of people get hired promoted and fired in the workplace. Unfortunately we all have unconscious biases. Though some have more problematic (racist and/or sexist) ones than others. Thats why diversity consulting startup Paradigm and HR platform Emtrain have co-launched an online course to teach people how to manage their unconscious biases. Managing Unconscious Bias a two-year…

Tech companies like TaskRabbit are engaged in affirmative action and thats ok Aiming to increase diversity and foster inclusion in the tech industry is not the same as affirmative action TaskRabbit CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot said on stage today at the Internet Associations Virtuous Circle conference. I wouldnt say its affirmative action but its a recognition Brown-Philpot said. Our company should represent the population and we know we have to over-index in certain ways to get there. Its a…

"Book covers — not to mention the books being published — need to represent the diversity of people actually reading books." -- This infuriates me! I love YA books, especially because they have the power to teach us empathy. And yet, publishers manipulate book covers, marginalizing the people of colors and the very characters who readers find so empowering!

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Trying To Hire A Diverse Team Of Engineers? It’s Not Just A Pipeline Issue

Trying To Hire A Diverse Team Of Engineers? It’s Not Just A Pipeline Issue | TechCrunch