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there is something bleak and powerful in photos like tis. Nature increasingly  pushed aside by buildings, roads...striving to survive and manifesting itself among the city's concrete landscape.Photos like this make me think about nature trying to fight back and regain its rightful teritories

International Garden Photographer of the Year Greening the City, Highly Commended- Diane Fifield, 'Cacti in the City'. Golden barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii) grow in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

A Truly Green Driveway Durable porous pavers are concrete or plastic blocks designed with holes that let you plant vegetation inside the blocks, creating a “living” driveway. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

To help reduce surface runoff, consider using permeable pavers — porous pavement — instead of old-fashioned concrete. Originally published as

by Leo Palmer. http://www.ecoglobalsociety.com/magnificent-trees/

80 Most Beautiful Tree Pictures from Around the World

Trees Make it Beautiful - tree Pictures. Magnificent photos which teach how to put a soul into a static image.

Antilop-kanyon, Arizona, USA

Just to the south-west of Havasu Falls located in northern Arizona Antelope Canyon. Formed by flash floods, tearing through the sandstone, the name of the canyon on the Navajo language is actually translated as “the place where water runs through rocks.

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1500 year old 'Angel Oak' in Charleston, South Carolina. (Charleston has tons of year old live oak trees, it's gorgeous.

Into the woods

60 Engaging Photos of Charming Nature That Will Take You Into Fairytale Primeval Forest, Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine, Japan

10 The Most Powerful Waterfalls of the World Ip Map

10 The Most Powerful Waterfalls of the WorldYou can’t deny that waterfall is the most beautiful natural phenomenon. Crystal stream of water with an enormous thunder falls from the heartbreaking height.