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source: WOLVES tumblr... Wolves eyes can have colors ranging from grey, green, yellow, amber, orange and brown. This is the chart

During the dance, shapes are formed in storytelling ritual such as the butterfly, the eagle, the snake, and the coyote, with the hoop symbolizing the never-ending circle of life. Native American Hoop dance focuses on very rapid moves, and the construction of hoop formations around and about the body.

On Rabbit's last day he did an unusual thing- on his morning walk he stopped, put his head back and howled every few steps. Our vet advised us that when dogs howl it means they are asking for something but we didn't know what it could be. It is still a mystery what he was asking for but just before he died that day (even though our vet had sedated him) he lifted his head and let loose with ONE LAST HOWL! Goodbye Rabbit :(::

Los lobos también marcan su territorio frotándose contra los elementos del terreno cómo árboles, rocas o el propio suelo; así impregnan con su olor las zonas por las que suele frecuentar la manada.