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Field of 200.000 clay figures, by Antony Gormley

Repetition and Rhythm - The artist uses small repeated figures to create a much larger whole.

laughingsquid:  Dice Cast Dice Cast, Human Dice Sculptures by Kim Hyun

Dice Cast Dice Cast, Human Dice Sculptures by Kim Hyun

repurposed dice --> sculptures Korean artist Kim Hyun constructs these delicate figures by running wire through dice, using the plaster casts of actual people as a guide.

The Stocking Sculptures by Rosa Verloop Display Personality

Pantyhose Portraits

Dutch artist Rosa Verloop as found an interesting use for stockings. By molding, folding, and squeezing common nylon stockings, Verloop has created in.

Choi Xooang

Illusion: For his bizarre yet realistic sculptures, Choi Xoo Ang uses materials such as oil paint, acrylic, resin, and stainless steel.

charles clary

Hand-Cut Paper Microorganisms by Charles Clary See many more of these beautifully layered paper sculptures loved by Art Ed Central

Xooang Choi’s New Hyperrealistic Figures Are Dreamy and Unsettling | Hi-Fructose Magazine

Compression/Expansion: This piece displays compression between the two figures compared to expansion in the cloud of colorful hair.


Lawyer-turned-artist Nathan Sawaya talks about his amazing Lego sculptures, now on show at the Bill Clinton presidential library.