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from Reuters UK

Greece condemns Macedonia tear gas and rubber bullets against migrants

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Syrian refugee 3 year old Mourhaf and his family from Aleppo, land their raft on Lesbos in rough seas. On assignment for @unrefugees #Syria #Europe #Refugees

Ironic....why is this not in the news???? why their own people, with plenty of resources don't take in refugees? why does Europe and the US have to ??? Could it be that they want to destroy us and/or want to ethnic cleanse and repopulate our lands ????

Not even reported in the Mass Media: With massive crowds as large as 170,000 strong, Polish patriots marched through their capital to demand an end to Islamic immigration — the “largest demonstration in Polish history.” Did you hear about this on CNN? You did not, because they completely censored it from American eyes, lest they be inspired to stand up against Obama’s sinister plans to import up to 200,000 so-called “Syrian refugees”, despite the FBI’s warning that the Feds can’t screen them

Here are new additions to The Best Sites For Learning About World Refugee Day: Passport, lifejacket, lemons: what Syrian refugees pack for the crossing to Europe is from The Guardian. The Global Re...

War in Syria  This isn’t just “War in Syria”. This is the mass exodus of people from Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus that has been under siege by the Assad government and military since 2013. Yarmouk, where ISIS is now trying to make theirs. That is the victim of barrel bombs launched by a brutal regime. Fuck you and your war porn. Taking a picture of thousands of people fleeing their homes and haphazardly describing it as “war in Syria”

In 1938, 69% of U.S. college students said we shouldn't offer a haven in this country for Jewish refugees from Europe. Six mill Jews later died. Remember this when politicians say "we shouldn't accept any Syrian refugees."