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Ghost Rider II the Movie #occupymarvel Stop sending threatening letters to creators of your products.

***FREE*** Silent letter digraphs are called "Ghost Buddies" in my classroom. This download includes:- a cute little story I tell my students about ghost buddies- write the room ghost cards with pictures-a recording sheet-anchor chart headings-a song I made up to go with the lesson. Awesome way to teach gn, kn, wr.

Digraphs: Silent Letter Digraphs from Lorrie L. Birchall on - (3 pages) - The silent letter (ghost letter) digraphs (gn, kn, wr) are fun to teach with these four phonics poems! Each poem is embedded with silent letter digraphs to target your phonics teaching.

Lost in a Sea of Words

Becoming lost in a sea of words is a navigational challenge even for a pro. Keep into mind you won't drown by falling into the water, you drown only if you stay there.

*POLYMER CLAY ~ Becky's Polymer Clay - Glow in the Dark Ghost with Spider and Boo CAKE TESTER MAGNET