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Cats will find just about anywhere to sleep.
This is so funny and I have no idea why.
Blogged: Fluffy Friday
i've never been a cat person... but i really want this exotic shorthair!!
Спасают рыжую кошку
Love it! ...Cat Owners Will Understand. Bahahahaha Check more at
HIGH five ! Can still reach though , cause I'm a big boy now !! ✅
Reminds me of our cat Peaches who sleeps on the cable box!
Felline opportunism
Munchkin Cats. I want one!! Completely obsessed with these cuties
โอ้ววววว เข้ากับชีวิตตรูตอนนี้เลย คิดถึงแมวที่บ้านเว้ยยยยยย
wanna hug me?!
Crazy Cat Lady 4 Life. Representin. - Corie